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Guizhou Huangdi Diesel Engine Co., LTD., founded in 2008, has R&D and production base in Kaili economic development zone, Guizhou province, and its branch for technology application and business operation is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. The company was supported and got funded by national high-tech industrialization program, national key new product development program, national innovation fund program, twelfth five-year plans’program for important environmental technology and so on.

Under the guidance of Chairman Dr. Huang Limin, company brings together and cultivates a group of experts and technicians, engaged in basic research,applied research and matching. Now a number of our national key technology has achieved patents with independent innovation ability. The recrystallized SiC ceramic substrate DPF can reduce the PM more than 95%, tested by Tianjin SwARC of American Southwest Research Institution in accordance with the VERT certification practice statement, and reached the international leading level of technology.After many years and multi-level systematic experiment, we also successfully developed diesel exhaust after-treatment device---“Huangdi” brand ART type Diesel Vehicle Active Regeneration Filter System, up to the National IV,National V emission standard (equals to Euro IV, Euro V), approved by China Association of Environmental Protection Industry and stepped in the line ofNational Key Practical Technologies of Environmental Protection.

Through continuous efforts and substantial support from friends, we have obtained quite broad business cooperation at present. In China mainland, we mainly establish supporting cooperation with engine makers and OEMs,and cooperate with all levels of governments and peer enterprises to move intoin-use vehicle retrofit market. Our overseas partners spread through the United Kingdom, France,Italy, Portugal, Singapore,the United States, Venezuela, UAE, Indonesia,Hong Kong and Macau etc. The business forms are flexible and relationships with partners are harmonious.

“Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron. With firm strides we are crossing itssummit”. Huangdi will always keep the social responsibility in mind, maintain its vigor, and devote itself to harmonious development between human beings,vehicles and the society.

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